Website Ranking

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Jul 21
Website Ranking

In general, website ranking shows users which websites are more popular and most viewed by people on the internet. For websites with high page rankings, a priority is given to the placement of their links on the results page of a web query.

This is where high quality inbound links or backlinks pointing to your site becomes important since it’s one of the many factors that search engines consider to determine the value of a page. In other words, if your site has a lot of prominent sites as backlinks, this will mean that it has great value and may contribute to your site’s high ranking.

How do search engines list and rank web pages?

Search engines exist to connect users with information found on the world wide web. Search engines function to crawl (the ability of the search engine to get around the site) and build an index (getting the pages into the search engine’s index) and to provide users a ranked list of results relevant to their query.

With tons of information readily available on the internet, search engines filter these information to fit a user’s query by returning only results that are relevant and useful to the searcher’s question and ranking those results according to the popularity of the website containing the needed information.

When calculating website rankings, search engines use proprietary mathematical equations or algorithms that determine a site’s rank or listing based on the criteria or ranking factors a specific search engine follows.

Popular website ranking tools

  • Alexa specializes in providing commercial web traffic data gathered through the use of different toolbars and web browser extensions. However, Alexa is more popularly known to function as the Alexa Rank, a metric that ranks websites according to the order of their popularity based on the website’s performance over the last three months. According to the official Alexa website, the traffic estimates and ranking they have are based on browsing behavior of people in their global data panel which is a sample of all internet users.
  • Google’s PageRank. Google uses PageRank to determine the importance of a web page. PageRank is one of the many factors that decide a website’s appearance in search results. A PR score of 10 is given to websites with the highest volume of inbound links from any site in the internet. PR 5 websites have a good number of inbound links and PR 0 is given for newly started websites without any inbound links pointing to them.

Thus, page one results of Google’s search engine usually include websites with higher PageRank scores relevant to a particular query. High PR web resources are considered to be more reliable since people tend to link to relevant content and websites with more links are viewed as better resources than pages that nobody links.

The idea of PageRank’s theory is that the most important pages on the Internet are those with the most backlinks leading to them. Backlinks, where a page links to another page, are considered as votes cast. Aside from inbound links, PageRank also weighs the importance of a page based on the relevance of a site’s content to the external links pointing to it. And also the external sites’ ranking as well. Prominent sites, meaning high PR sites, are considered as high quality backlinks and have more weight in them.

5 Ways to improve your website ranking

#1 Publish good quality content

A well-written and relevant content are key factors in attracting traffic to your site. People will usually link pages they see as a reliable source. Also keep your content updated regularly to keep it fresh and relevant to the present time.

#2 Keyword Phrases

Generally, a keyword phrase is two or more words used by advertisers in search engine optimization to describe content on the internet. In thinking of keyword phrases to use, think of words that average people looking for information will most likely put in the search engine. Your keyword phrase should appear somewhere in your content.

You should also keep in mind that generic phrases would surely produce more results which would likely include more competitive pages with higher ranks than yours that would make it hard for your page to get high enough to matter in the results. Thus, you may opt for keyword phrases relevant to your page that get some search volume but not very generic and competitive.

#3 Social Networking

Since most people nowadays greatly participate in social networking sites, this can be a good way to promote your site. So keep it user-friendly, interesting and if possible with images or infographics to attract more traffic to your site.

#4 Avoid Bad Backlinks

Link buying can be tempting if you want to gain backlinks fast. However, selling and buying links is against Google’s guidelines. In the long run, you would benefit more from earning your backlinks instead of buying by consistently producing good quality content to attract other web owners to link back to you. However if you do want to buy backlinks, look for a reputable source where your backlinks are added slowly over time rather than in one big (and noticeable) lump.

#5 Organization and Good design

Overall, a well-organized page will eventually rank high in search engines because it tends to be more user-friendly and easier to understand and also navigate around

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