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Link Builder 101
Jul 21

Link Builder 101

By admin | Link Building

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Links are used by search engine crawlers to look for new web pages and to help decide if your page is of good quality to rank well for relevant keywords in search results.

Additionally, crawlers also check the number of external links pointing to your site. If these inbound links are also of high-quality, a high chance of ranking well in search results is possible. Thus, the importance of building high-quality links is essential if you want to compete and thrive in the ever changing world of SEO.

This is where link builders can be of great help to you. Skilled link builders understand the need to work on strategies to build strong backlinks from high ranking sites because of its importance. They know that the higher the number of quality backlinks a site has, the higher the chances of it to rank well in search results which can drive more traffic to a site.

A good link builder knows which practices to use to increase your site’s visibility. That way, link building can also be your content’s promotion.

Link Building Strategies

Link builders employ a variety of ways to get your site visible to people as much as they can. These strategies can be categorized as organic link building and artificial link building.

  • Organic Link Building. This type of link building makes use of practices that doesn’t deal with automated systems or strategies that are against Google’s guidelines. These methods include, but are not limited to:
  • Creating quality content. Quality content is still the best way to get people to visit a site and to naturally link to it. This means that whatever your niche is, it is important that your content is informative, interesting and reliable for people to like it and share it with others.
  • Writing about trending news. People are always looking for the latest in everything. Writing about the latest will surely catch people’s attention and site owners with the same niche would probably link to yours, especially if you are one of the few who wrote about it first.
  • Social bookmarking. Although social bookmarking sites are nofollow sites, you can still include this in your link building because it can give you traffic if your bookmarked content becomes popular.
  • Artificial Link Building. Unlike organic link building, artificial link building exploits the use of automated link building, thus becoming an illicit practice frowned upon by Google. These methods include, but are not limited to:
  • Buying Links. Generally, buying links go against Google’s webmaster guidelines. However, buying links can be advantageous because it gives you one-way link juice, although this method can be very expensive especially if it comes from high PR sites.
  • Blog Commenting. Comments that are sincere and honest are always welcomed by bloggers, however, writing spammy ones just to get your link out there can be irritating to web owners.

Benefits of Link Building

  • Reaching out to other sites with the same or relevant niche as yours will help build strong relationships. It can help your website acquire quality back links. Additionally, if your content is worth reading and linking to, key influencers in your industry may eventually regard you as reliable thus creating a relationship. This relationship will be beneficial to your site as it will mean that you are trusted.
  • Referral traffic. According to Google, referral traffic visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine. If your link gets to a highly-visited website, a higher chance of getting more traffic to your site is possible.
  • Brand Visibility. Link building can also help your brand to get recognized by readers. One example is through guest posting, which is mutually beneficial to both parties as you are offering to write fresh content for their site while you get free advertising of your brand from their site. With more exposure, your site gets more recognition as well as a higher chance of eventually earning direct traffic in the future.
  • Acquiring Influencers from other Industries. Because guest posting for popular sites can get your website noticed over time, especially if your site has really good content, influencers from other industries will probably notice you as well and might offer to become guest posters for your site which means free advertising, free content and additional traffic added to your growing number of visitors.
  • If your website gets published in prominent sites or publication, you can brag about it, as this means that your brand is reliable and can be trusted. People will always go on sites that are reliable, by making your site linked with well-known ones, your credibility is proven and strengthened.
  • Lasting investment. Link building earned and done the right way can be seen as a lasting investment. Unlike paid links which gives you temporary visibility only when you pay, links earned through hard work and great content will remain active as long as the site linking to yours remains active.
Link Building Services
Jul 21

What to Look for In A Link Building Service

By admin | Link Building

When done with research and care, marketing in the form of linked citations is a viable way to build website traction and is a fundamental part of any good SEO strategy.

Hiring a backlink service to help with SEO marketing is an important decision for a company. Expanding the backlink reach of your site really valuable links will help the website in gathering, or expanding visibility in search engines among users.

Your site will rank for most searched total keywords and overall ranking will increase. A new business will see a rise in natural traffic as a result of hiring a great website link building service.

Internet Marketing has only been around for about 20 years and SEO link services is a relatively new industry. That means that new companies right now are coming up with innovative and creative ways to generate organic traffic to sites using backlinks.

A great link development service is considered by some marketing analysts the most effective way to acquire site hits. Backlinks are one of the best marketing tools in the industry because the links are free and there are no recurring fees for backlinks that have already been created.

You must find a company with a great CEO who speaks on the website marketing while at the same time innovates in ways to expand backlink services.

Large amounts of awesome content can be found online but much of these companies and websites fail to get the attention they deserve. Large Corporations with massive budgets can pay for weak content and products to be advertised.

This means that the best products aren’t necessarily the best quality products but the best marketed products. This cuts out a lot of small entrepreneurs with great ideas.

A great backlink service can completely change the landscape of a business. It can allow the company to focus on the product while the online marketing is taken care of. Throughout many years, small business has depended on free traction from google for their marketing success. Google is not a slot machine. You can’t just put money in and hope that traffic to your site increases.

Marketing on search engines such as google is a craft. A skill that must be honed and perfected. You need professionals and experts that can help you. Small business owners who try to handle SEO on their own fail at it because of the lack of training and expertise. It takes a complex understanding of how google and their algorithms work. That is why the SEO marketing industry is relatively new.

There is a need for SEO services to help represent businesses. The way marketing was in the past is different from how it is now. In the past, you would advertise on billboards, radio and television.

Nowadays you have to market on social media, the internet, YouTube and other outlets to raise awareness of your company. Many businesses are still stuck in the old ways of marketing and must be brought to the light.

It is important to maximize what you can get out of Google but also create multiple organic traffic streams so that your business can be successfully marketed from different angles. Expertise in helping digital content is extremely rare and has always been something that most marketing agencies lack. If a marketing firm doesn’t market online then don’t work with them. When small businesses see the value that google can bring them, they will realize what they are missing out on.

You need an SEO firm that works for you. You need to hire professionals that have good experience and understanding. You also need a firm that is constantly improving. Checking online reviews of an SEO company and watching testimonials can help determine if the company you’re considering is a good option. Analyzing thousands of backlink profiles and continuing to learn new market tactics are ways that backlink service companies should be improving.

There is so much technology these days. People are always on their phones whether it be online or on social media. Social Media takes up most of young people’s free time. By back linking articles and websites on social media, you can increase the amount of clout you have.

Social media marketing is huge and you need a team of professionals who can market online. Social Media sites like twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others are where users spend the most time.

Also a great SEO firm should have extensive knowledge of the following websites: amazon, ebay, etsy, and any other e-commerce websites. The firm should also know about news sites. Keeping up with current news and marketing trends is very important. SEO constantly changes and updates. An experienced firm will keep up with these changes and updates.

In conclusion, if you want to increase your search rankings and create 25 unique, DoFollow links per day, then you need to get sign up for Social Monkey!