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How to Get Backlinks
Aug 01

How to Get Backlinks

By admin | Backlink Advice

To build a business you must also build a brand. The only way to build a brand is to market said brand. Marketing can be tough because it requires a deep level of understanding. Marketing a product or website requires understanding the tastes and preferences of consumers.

The best way to build your brand or company is through the internet. Channeling internet marketing could be the best thing you could do for your company. Marketing online requires a mastery of search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that allows users to get their website higher on search engine rankings. SEO takes into consideration keywords, organic traffic and backlinks.

Backlinks are the most important factor when it comes to SEO. “Backlinks are other sites that link to your site and this, for most search engines, is the number one factor that determines your rank on said search engine. This is one of the most important ways to direct traffic to your website. This article will act as a guide to show you a few ways that you can increase organic traffic to your site.

You could always pay for advertisements in order to market your company but this can be quite costly. Backlinks from websites are definitely a more affordable way of getting consumers to your site.

Guest Articles

Guest Articles are a way to get your content out there. Reaching out to bloggers is a great way to get your company out there. Bloggers are always looking for new content to put on their site. Blog websites must constantly be updated in order for their users to keep coming back. By contacting several blogs and providing them content, you can get more backlinks to your site.

I recommend sending content that is informative. Send content that is educational on a particular subject. While the article should be educational and informative, make sure you describe your company, brand and product as well but be careful not to overdo it.

There has to be a balance. Don’t make the article sound like a cheesy advertisement but at the same time don’t make it not an advertisement.

Guest articles can be a winning situation for both parties. The owner of the blog gets fresh content that he or she doesn’t have to create themselves while you get quality backlinks to your site. I would also recommend going to small blogs first and then, after building enough traction, contacting bigger blogs. Remember, your website or company is directly connected with the backlink.

Therefore, the bigger the websites your guest articles are posted on, the more traction will be generated towards your website. The best way to find guest sites or blogs that will post your content is through google.

After a google search, create a list of websites that you would like to do business with. Then get in contact with either the owner of the website, a blogger on the website or a journalist that could help you.

Building these kinds of relationships is the best thing you can do for marketing your business. Great relationships built over time can help you gain access to bigger and more popular blogs.

Learn from Your Competitor

Learning from competitors is very important for the growth and long term future of your website. It is important because your competitor could be marketing better than you. What are your competitors advertising? Is their backlink strategy working? These are just a few examples of questions you should be asking.

If you answer these questions you can better assess and follow trends. Finding and discovering trends BEFORE they reach their peak allows you to maximize your backlinks. Subscribe to your competitor’s newsletter. Make sure you get constant updates and if you see an idea that your competitors are implementing, and then either copy it, steal it or make it better.

Checking Your System

Always make sure to check your system and backlinks. One of the ways you can make sure your backlink strategy is working is through google analytics. Google Analytics allows you to check your website rank. Google ranking is something that you should be checking every day. Also, quantify the amount of views you get from backlinks.

Determine which backlinks are the most effective and focus your concentration on the websites that direct the most traffic to your site. Focusing on marketing channels that don’t work would be a waste of time. Test out new ideas and keenly observe the results. If the results are good, act accordingly.

Creating backlinks can be challenging. Always remember that it takes creativity to generate traffic for your site. A great way to get quality backlinks of up to 750 a month and to increase your search engine ranking is to use Social Monkey.

Link Builder 101
Jul 21

Link Builder 101

By admin | Link Building

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Links are used by search engine crawlers to look for new web pages and to help decide if your page is of good quality to rank well for relevant keywords in search results.

Additionally, crawlers also check the number of external links pointing to your site. If these inbound links are also of high-quality, a high chance of ranking well in search results is possible. Thus, the importance of building high-quality links is essential if you want to compete and thrive in the ever changing world of SEO.

This is where link builders can be of great help to you. Skilled link builders understand the need to work on strategies to build strong backlinks from high ranking sites because of its importance. They know that the higher the number of quality backlinks a site has, the higher the chances of it to rank well in search results which can drive more traffic to a site.

A good link builder knows which practices to use to increase your site’s visibility. That way, link building can also be your content’s promotion.

Link Building Strategies

Link builders employ a variety of ways to get your site visible to people as much as they can. These strategies can be categorized as organic link building and artificial link building.

  • Organic Link Building. This type of link building makes use of practices that doesn’t deal with automated systems or strategies that are against Google’s guidelines. These methods include, but are not limited to:
  • Creating quality content. Quality content is still the best way to get people to visit a site and to naturally link to it. This means that whatever your niche is, it is important that your content is informative, interesting and reliable for people to like it and share it with others.
  • Writing about trending news. People are always looking for the latest in everything. Writing about the latest will surely catch people’s attention and site owners with the same niche would probably link to yours, especially if you are one of the few who wrote about it first.
  • Social bookmarking. Although social bookmarking sites are nofollow sites, you can still include this in your link building because it can give you traffic if your bookmarked content becomes popular.
  • Artificial Link Building. Unlike organic link building, artificial link building exploits the use of automated link building, thus becoming an illicit practice frowned upon by Google. These methods include, but are not limited to:
  • Buying Links. Generally, buying links go against Google’s webmaster guidelines. However, buying links can be advantageous because it gives you one-way link juice, although this method can be very expensive especially if it comes from high PR sites.
  • Blog Commenting. Comments that are sincere and honest are always welcomed by bloggers, however, writing spammy ones just to get your link out there can be irritating to web owners.

Benefits of Link Building

  • Reaching out to other sites with the same or relevant niche as yours will help build strong relationships. It can help your website acquire quality back links. Additionally, if your content is worth reading and linking to, key influencers in your industry may eventually regard you as reliable thus creating a relationship. This relationship will be beneficial to your site as it will mean that you are trusted.
  • Referral traffic. According to Google, referral traffic visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine. If your link gets to a highly-visited website, a higher chance of getting more traffic to your site is possible.
  • Brand Visibility. Link building can also help your brand to get recognized by readers. One example is through guest posting, which is mutually beneficial to both parties as you are offering to write fresh content for their site while you get free advertising of your brand from their site. With more exposure, your site gets more recognition as well as a higher chance of eventually earning direct traffic in the future.
  • Acquiring Influencers from other Industries. Because guest posting for popular sites can get your website noticed over time, especially if your site has really good content, influencers from other industries will probably notice you as well and might offer to become guest posters for your site which means free advertising, free content and additional traffic added to your growing number of visitors.
  • If your website gets published in prominent sites or publication, you can brag about it, as this means that your brand is reliable and can be trusted. People will always go on sites that are reliable, by making your site linked with well-known ones, your credibility is proven and strengthened.
  • Lasting investment. Link building earned and done the right way can be seen as a lasting investment. Unlike paid links which gives you temporary visibility only when you pay, links earned through hard work and great content will remain active as long as the site linking to yours remains active.
Link Building Services
Jul 21

What to Look for In A Link Building Service

By admin | Link Building

When done with research and care, marketing in the form of linked citations is a viable way to build website traction and is a fundamental part of any good SEO strategy.

Hiring a backlink service to help with SEO marketing is an important decision for a company. Expanding the backlink reach of your site really valuable links will help the website in gathering, or expanding visibility in search engines among users.

Your site will rank for most searched total keywords and overall ranking will increase. A new business will see a rise in natural traffic as a result of hiring a great website link building service.

Internet Marketing has only been around for about 20 years and SEO link services is a relatively new industry. That means that new companies right now are coming up with innovative and creative ways to generate organic traffic to sites using backlinks.

A great link development service is considered by some marketing analysts the most effective way to acquire site hits. Backlinks are one of the best marketing tools in the industry because the links are free and there are no recurring fees for backlinks that have already been created.

You must find a company with a great CEO who speaks on the website marketing while at the same time innovates in ways to expand backlink services.

Large amounts of awesome content can be found online but much of these companies and websites fail to get the attention they deserve. Large Corporations with massive budgets can pay for weak content and products to be advertised.

This means that the best products aren’t necessarily the best quality products but the best marketed products. This cuts out a lot of small entrepreneurs with great ideas.

A great backlink service can completely change the landscape of a business. It can allow the company to focus on the product while the online marketing is taken care of. Throughout many years, small business has depended on free traction from google for their marketing success. Google is not a slot machine. You can’t just put money in and hope that traffic to your site increases.

Marketing on search engines such as google is a craft. A skill that must be honed and perfected. You need professionals and experts that can help you. Small business owners who try to handle SEO on their own fail at it because of the lack of training and expertise. It takes a complex understanding of how google and their algorithms work. That is why the SEO marketing industry is relatively new.

There is a need for SEO services to help represent businesses. The way marketing was in the past is different from how it is now. In the past, you would advertise on billboards, radio and television.

Nowadays you have to market on social media, the internet, YouTube and other outlets to raise awareness of your company. Many businesses are still stuck in the old ways of marketing and must be brought to the light.

It is important to maximize what you can get out of Google but also create multiple organic traffic streams so that your business can be successfully marketed from different angles. Expertise in helping digital content is extremely rare and has always been something that most marketing agencies lack. If a marketing firm doesn’t market online then don’t work with them. When small businesses see the value that google can bring them, they will realize what they are missing out on.

You need an SEO firm that works for you. You need to hire professionals that have good experience and understanding. You also need a firm that is constantly improving. Checking online reviews of an SEO company and watching testimonials can help determine if the company you’re considering is a good option. Analyzing thousands of backlink profiles and continuing to learn new market tactics are ways that backlink service companies should be improving.

There is so much technology these days. People are always on their phones whether it be online or on social media. Social Media takes up most of young people’s free time. By back linking articles and websites on social media, you can increase the amount of clout you have.

Social media marketing is huge and you need a team of professionals who can market online. Social Media sites like twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others are where users spend the most time.

Also a great SEO firm should have extensive knowledge of the following websites: amazon, ebay, etsy, and any other e-commerce websites. The firm should also know about news sites. Keeping up with current news and marketing trends is very important. SEO constantly changes and updates. An experienced firm will keep up with these changes and updates.

In conclusion, if you want to increase your search rankings and create 25 unique, DoFollow links per day, then you need to get sign up for Social Monkey!

SEO Checkers
Jul 21

SEO Checkers – What Are They?

By admin | SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of using techniques or strategies to increase the number of traffic to a website by ensuring that the site is included on the list of high ranking results returned by a search engine.

There are certain advantages in using SEO checkers for your site as it can help improve its overall appeal and performance. Useful services commonly provided by SEOs include:

  • A thorough assessment of your site’s content and structure.
  • Developing a site’s content.
  • Technical advice concerning website development.
  • Keyword research
  • SEO training

Commercial search engines drive the majority of web traffic to a website. For that reason, it is important that search engines can find your site and add your content to their database. The right SEO can help drive visitors to your page as well as boost your site’s ranking so that your content can be listed high enough for searchers to easily find it in their search query.

While SEOs provide valuable services that can greatly improve your site, there are some who practice unethical strategies that attempt to manipulate search engine results. Unethical SEO practices include creating shadow domains, users are directed to a site by using false redirects, and doorway pages where some pages on a site are loaded with keywords and some hidden links directing it to the SEOs other clients which may include sites with illegal content.

For major search engines like Google, the use of illicit SEO practices may have a negative result on your site’s appearance or the removal of your site from their index. So it’s a must that you thoroughly research an SEO agency, if you are hiring one, or better yet, learn how to do some basic SEOs yourself.

Here’s a list of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checkers you may want to consider checking out:

The On-Page Optimization Analysis Free SEO Tool

According to its official site, this web page optimization tool functions by analyzing existing on-page SEO and letting you see your site’s data as a crawler sees it.

Key features:

  • Metadata tool – displays text in title tags and meta elements.
  • Keyword density tool – discloses SEO keyword statistics for linked and unlinked content.
  • Keyword optimization tool – displays the number of words used in the content, including anchor text of internal and external links.
  • Link accounting tool – number and types of link used are displayed
  • Header check tool – displays HTTP Status Response codes for links
  • Source Code Tool – for quick access to on-page HTML source code

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools provide insight for webmasters to use and address potential SEO issues and functions as a primary mechanism for Bing to convey the issues to web owners.

Key features:

  • Sites Overview – this provides an overall view of your website/s’ performance in Bing powered search results.
  • Crawl Stats – this shows you the number of pages Bing spiders has crawled into your site and also errors it encountered. Sitemaps can also be submitted to help Bing discover and prioritize your content.
  • Index – this section allows you to explore how your content is organized by Bing, submit and remove URLs from search results, explore backlinks and adjust parameter settings.
  • Traffic – this summarizes impressions and click-through data by combining search results from Yahoo! And Bing. It also shows the average position as well as cost estimates if you buy ads targeting each keyword.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a set of tools and resources created by Google to help webmasters monitor their site’s performance in the Google search index with no charge.

Key Features:

  • Geographic target – for websites aiming to attract users from a specific location, this feature allows webmasters to input information for Google to determine how the site will appear in the country-specific search result.
  • URL Parameters – allows webmasters to direct Google about the parameters of the website to help Google crawl the website efficiently.
  • Malware – with this feature, Google will inform you of any malware present in your website which can affect user experience and your ranking as well.
  • Crawl Errors – Google will inform you of significant errors it has encountered while crawling your site.
  • HTML Suggestions – looks for problems concerning HTML elements such as issues with title tags and meta descriptions.

Moz Open Site Explorer

Provide webmasters significant insights concerning their website and links.

Key features:

  • Find strongest linking websites – shows you the most prominent domains linking to your website.
  • Identify strong links – all inbound links are sorted out by their metrics to help you see which links are important.
  • Link Anchor Text Distribution is analyzed – displays the distribution of texts people used when linking to you.
  • Head to Head Comparison View – allows you to compare two websites to see why one is outranking the other.
  • Social Share Metrics – measure shares from Facebook, likes, tweets and +1’s for any URL.
SEO Reports
Jul 21

SEO Reports: Are They Needed?

By admin | SEO

Search Engine Optimization involves many activities, each with its own key performance indicators (KPIs). Following each KPI separately and then merging them to see the overall picture can be less of a hassle if you have the right reports.

If you are working for someone, SEO reports will enable the site owner to supervise the full range of SEO functions involved in their website. Ideally, reporting should be done before the start of an SEO campaign to formulate the strategies to be used and to set the goals aimed to be achieved. These reports should continue during the campaign and also post-campaign for any changes.

The kind of information contained in the reports depends on how deep you want to delve into the site analysis and what you feel is relevant information to your client. However, there are a few basic information that should always be present in a report regardless of the way it is formatted. These include:

Traffic Analysis

This shows the amount of traffic or visitors coming to your site every month. With traffic analysis, you will be able to monitor for any increase or decrease of your site’s traffic. Google Analytics offers an easy way to keep track of traffic, which can be handy.

Keyword Ranking Report

This gives you an idea on how high you are in the ranking position for certain keywords. The higher you are, the more chances of getting visitors to go to your site.  This also mirrors how effective your link building efforts have been.

Link Building Analysis

This report shows the efforts you’ve made in building links across the internet. Whether it includes leaving comments, signing up for directories, guest blogging, etc., all these efforts should be reported to check and see if they’re paying off.

Website Audit Report

This will cover different factors related to on-page optimization. These factors should be checked against industry standards to identify possible issues that may arise or may need improvement. The basic information provided in this report should include:

  • Page Title Tags – define the title of a document. Used in search engine results pages (SERPs) to display a preview of a given page, important for SEO and social sharing.
  • Meta tags – snippets of text that describe a page’s content. It only appears on the page’s code, but doesn’t appear on the page itself.
  • Keyword density – the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.
  • HTML formatting tags – used for formatting elements in HTML style
  • HTML validation errors
  • Broken links
  • Other things you might want to add include: Goal conversions, Competitors’ Ranking Report, and top entrance and exit pages.

Why are SEO Reports important?

SEO reports give an overall view on how well a website is performing on the internet which is important for clients to know.

  • SEO reports also give recognition, on your part, for the SEO efforts you’ve done and for the progress it has made to help improve the site’s traffic and performance.
  • SEO reports if presented in an easy-to-understand manner will help in making smart marketing decisions based on trends and comparisons.
  • SEO reports also help you identify weak areas in a website that may need some improvements, significant data on user behavior, and trends and opportunities for resource allocation.
  • It also informs you if the SEO efforts you have done helped you move closer to your goals.
  • SEO reports also contain information about the keywords your competitors are using and how they are promoting. Additionally, it may also contain information on how they obtain their inbound links which will give you an idea in planning out your strategies.

Overall, always keep in mind that in creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) progress report, it is always ideal to customize the report and make it easily understandable for anyone who will read it. Each element of the report should be well thought of and analyzed to avoid overcrowding the report with statistics and data that are not so important and may be excluded.

Website Ranking
Jul 21

Website Ranking

By admin | SEO

In general, website ranking shows users which websites are more popular and most viewed by people on the internet. For websites with high page rankings, a priority is given to the placement of their links on the results page of a web query.

This is where high quality inbound links or backlinks pointing to your site becomes important since it’s one of the many factors that search engines consider to determine the value of a page. In other words, if your site has a lot of prominent sites as backlinks, this will mean that it has great value and may contribute to your site’s high ranking.

How do search engines list and rank web pages?

Search engines exist to connect users with information found on the world wide web. Search engines function to crawl (the ability of the search engine to get around the site) and build an index (getting the pages into the search engine’s index) and to provide users a ranked list of results relevant to their query.

With tons of information readily available on the internet, search engines filter these information to fit a user’s query by returning only results that are relevant and useful to the searcher’s question and ranking those results according to the popularity of the website containing the needed information.

When calculating website rankings, search engines use proprietary mathematical equations or algorithms that determine a site’s rank or listing based on the criteria or ranking factors a specific search engine follows.

Popular website ranking tools

  • Alexa specializes in providing commercial web traffic data gathered through the use of different toolbars and web browser extensions. However, Alexa is more popularly known to function as the Alexa Rank, a metric that ranks websites according to the order of their popularity based on the website’s performance over the last three months. According to the official Alexa website, the traffic estimates and ranking they have are based on browsing behavior of people in their global data panel which is a sample of all internet users.
  • Google’s PageRank. Google uses PageRank to determine the importance of a web page. PageRank is one of the many factors that decide a website’s appearance in search results. A PR score of 10 is given to websites with the highest volume of inbound links from any site in the internet. PR 5 websites have a good number of inbound links and PR 0 is given for newly started websites without any inbound links pointing to them.

Thus, page one results of Google’s search engine usually include websites with higher PageRank scores relevant to a particular query. High PR web resources are considered to be more reliable since people tend to link to relevant content and websites with more links are viewed as better resources than pages that nobody links.

The idea of PageRank’s theory is that the most important pages on the Internet are those with the most backlinks leading to them. Backlinks, where a page links to another page, are considered as votes cast. Aside from inbound links, PageRank also weighs the importance of a page based on the relevance of a site’s content to the external links pointing to it. And also the external sites’ ranking as well. Prominent sites, meaning high PR sites, are considered as high quality backlinks and have more weight in them.

5 Ways to improve your website ranking

#1 Publish good quality content

A well-written and relevant content are key factors in attracting traffic to your site. People will usually link pages they see as a reliable source. Also keep your content updated regularly to keep it fresh and relevant to the present time.

#2 Keyword Phrases

Generally, a keyword phrase is two or more words used by advertisers in search engine optimization to describe content on the internet. In thinking of keyword phrases to use, think of words that average people looking for information will most likely put in the search engine. Your keyword phrase should appear somewhere in your content.

You should also keep in mind that generic phrases would surely produce more results which would likely include more competitive pages with higher ranks than yours that would make it hard for your page to get high enough to matter in the results. Thus, you may opt for keyword phrases relevant to your page that get some search volume but not very generic and competitive.

#3 Social Networking

Since most people nowadays greatly participate in social networking sites, this can be a good way to promote your site. So keep it user-friendly, interesting and if possible with images or infographics to attract more traffic to your site.

#4 Avoid Bad Backlinks

Link buying can be tempting if you want to gain backlinks fast. However, selling and buying links is against Google’s guidelines. In the long run, you would benefit more from earning your backlinks instead of buying by consistently producing good quality content to attract other web owners to link back to you. However if you do want to buy backlinks, look for a reputable source where your backlinks are added slowly over time rather than in one big (and noticeable) lump.

#5 Organization and Good design

Overall, a well-organized page will eventually rank high in search engines because it tends to be more user-friendly and easier to understand and also navigate around

High PageRank Backlinks
Jul 19

High PageRank Backlinks

By admin | Backlink Advice

When a user types a search query, the search engine’s goal is to produce high-quality and relevant results that are useful to the user. Google has 200+ factors in determining which web pages best fit a particular query, one of these is a website’s PageRank.

A website that has an external website or backlink pointing to it with a high PageRank score provides power to a website. and may help boost the website’s ranking in search engine results.

What is PageRank?

According to Google, PageRank (PR) is about the number of backlinks pointing to a website. It is part of Google’s algorithm to rank a website and regarded as the oldest and most famous metric.

Every website is given a Google PageRank score between 0 to 10 on an exponential scale. A PR score of 10 is given to websites with the highest volume of inbound links from any site in the internet. Twitter and Adobe Reader Download are one of the few websites with this score.

PR 5 websites have a good number of inbound links and PR 0 is given for newly started websites without any inbound links pointing to them. Thus, page one results of Google’s search engine usually include websites with higher PageRank scores relevant to a particular query.

Google, however, doesn’t solely take into account the number of backlinks but also the quality as well. To produce high quality inbound links, other websites that link your website should have content relevant to yours. A high number of relevant links is an indication of a quality and reliable website for search engine results pages (SERPs).

Although PageRank is only one factor in Google’s ranking algorithm and does not guarantee a high ranking, it can significantly help.

How to Get High PR backlinks?

A webmaster’s goal is to get as much high PR backlinks as possible pointing to his website.

Various strategies and techniques can be used to do this. However, you must be careful in choosing the tactics you will use and avoid resorting to black hat techniques and unnatural link sources that might cause your website to be at risk or entirely banned from Google.

The following are a few efficient ways of increasing high PR backlinks with the proper use of off-site content and keywords:

  • Guest Posts and Blog Comments. Putting your site’s URL together with keyword-enhanced anchor texts in high PR blog comments’ section can be a great way to get backlinks. However, this may annoy the blogger. A better option you may try would be to contact the blog’s owner and ask them if you can write a guest post on their website. To do this, you must choose a website with topics similar or relevant to the niche you are using. The message should be short and on point, you may suggest a title or topic for the guest post blog. However, you should never insist too much and be willing to accept alternative ideas coming from the owner.
  • Backlinks from Social Media Sites. With people relying highly on social media, creating a page or profile with catchy posts can provide an excellent means of attracting backlinks. If people find your page interesting, worth reading or useful, your page will be repeatedly shared with others.
  • Create a profile on YouTube and other popular video sites. By creating a profile on YouTube, you are given the opportunity to promote your site through creating product videos with useful and relevant information pertaining to your product. You may also include a link back to your site in the information page. As YouTube holds a page rank of 9 and is one of the leading visual sites in the internet, doing this gives you an easy way to get a backlink from a high PR site. You can also try posting comments on the most viewed videos which will allow you to create high quality inbound links pointing to your site.

Overall, these methods rely heavily on you and your site providing useful and relevant content to attract readers visiting high PR websites where your site is linked. By providing useful and interesting content worth reading, there is a higher chance of readers clicking the link/s you provide thus increasing the amount of web traffic your website can benefit from.